acommase Sudan  اكوماس السودان
acommase Sudan  مجموعة  اكوماس السودان
acommase Sudan  مجموعة  اكوماس السودان
acommase Sudan  مجموعة  اكوماس السودان
acommase Sudan  مجموعة  اكوماس السودان
acommase Sudan  مجموعة  اكوماس السودان
acommase Sudan مجموعة اكوماس السودان
acommase Sudan مجموعة اكوماس السودان
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Fire detections & fire fighting equipments

• Portable and mobile fire extinguishers (dry chemical – foam –carbon dioxide – water)
• Detection systems for (houses – offices buildings – factures – petroleum fields – trucks – pumps stations – tanks warehouses) 
• Water and foam sprinklers systems 
• Automatic extinguishing systems (gas suppression (fm200 – argonite – co2) – foam – water)
• Water mist system 
• Fire fighting equipment (hoses – hose reels – Branchpipe -cabinets.)
• Portable and fixed fire fighting pumps.
• Hi – volume water hose 
• Fire trucks 
• Rescue equipments
• Oil miss detectors (OMD)
• Gas detections (Mobile & fixed system)
• Ambulance 
• Fire resistant doors

Safety equipments

• First aid box
• Helmets
• Footwear
• Gloves
• Goggle
• Coveralls
• Masks
• Respirators
• Breathing apparatus 
• All safety products

Security equipments and systems 

• A comprehensive CCTV Surveillance system
• Infrared lamps
• A Smokecloak Security Smoke Barrier system
• Electrically operated Vehicle Entrance Barriers
• High Security Road Blockers
• Walk Through Metal Detectors
• Hand Held Metal Detectors
• X-Ray Baggage Scanners
• Time and Attendance
• Public Address
• Vault and Bockroom Doors
• Microphonic Vault Protection Sensor Cable
• An Electronic Intruder Detection Alarm system
• A P.C. based Network Access Control system
• Roller shutter doors (pinhole / solid / portcullis)
• Steel doors 
• Aunty bullet glass Solid steel security doors 
• Gates and railings
• Rescue equipment

ACOMMASE safety and security co. in order to carrying out the above have completed technical, trained and qualified employees in the following fields: 

• Mechanical engineers.
• Architect engineer
• Civil engineers 
• Electrical engineers.
• Technicians.
• Sales engineers.
• Sales employers.
• Accountants.
• Foreigners consultancies (fire & security engineer)

ACOMMASE safety and security co. equipped with all refilling and testing machines that is updated with the latest machines for the following:

• Argonite gas suppression refilling machine and vibrating mixing machine
• FM200 refilling machine and vibrating machine
• Dry powder refilling machine 
• Foam refilling machine 
• Cylinders-Hoses-Hose reels-Pipes-Hydraulic testing machines
• Detection, testing and cleaning equipments
• Installation tools

ACOMMASE safety and security co. has the following movement equipment and cars:
• Three 4XW drive double cab 
• Forklifts
• Movement prefab housing and offices
• Cranes
• Complete installation tools sets (7 sets in side 20 feet containers)